Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She's "9" Somehow!!!

Will someone please tell me just how it's possible that this kid is 9 years old?!  I feel like someone has pressed the fast-forward button and isn't about to let up!
I guess I'm just going to have to accept it.  There's really no other choice, but I was up late into the night crying about how my baby girl is growing up so fast!  I keep begging her to slow down, but she just keeps on growing.
I'm lacking adequate words to describe just what this girl means to me.  The day she was born, and I became a momma, I felt my world shift. Everything revolved in perfect harmony around this sweet little baby girl.  Oh, how I prayed and prayed I could be a good mother to her.  I remember more than anything I wanted her to feel loved.  I never wanted her to doubt how much her mother, her father, and her family loved her.  I also wanted her to know that her Heavenly Father loved her. That he knows her, understands her, and that she's so special in his eyes.
In nine years, she's blossomed into a vivacious and lively girl who loves to wrestle with the boys, have tea parties with the girls, run, dance, swim, and give the best hugs ever!  She's my pride and joy, my beautiful daughter.  She's patient and kind.  She's warm and friendly.  She's fiercely independent and brave.  She's full of life and laughter.  She brings out the best in everyone she meets.  I pray she never hesitates to be the amazing person she is.
I love you, Adell.  Thanks for being my daughter, friend, sister to your siblings, and daughter of God.
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Last night was all about journaling and family history at the Relief Society Activity.  My biggest obstacle when it comes to journaling is TIME!  By the time I get to hit the pillow at night, I'm far too exhausted to pull out the journal and write.  My journaling could certainly improve, and I do feel it's very important.  I totally count on this blog to provide at least some small measure of personal journaling.  I also print a family photo book each year.  My kids all have baby books.  I'm trying various things like a gratitude or "spiritual" journal where I record some of my most spiritually significant experiences.  So, I'm honestly trying!  I absolutely could up my game on that, however, and I'm hoping I can do that.
With that said, here's a couple cute little videos of Cael.  He's growing so fast, and I'm growing more and more paranoid about missing all his cute baby days!  So, I'm going to be posting away over the next little while.

Cael training for his future baseball career.
Cael dances the "Shake-Shake."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Foam Day!!!

Despite some chaos and my own lack of preparation, we did have some fun at Lehi City Foam Day. This is the first year we've made it to Foam Day - we've always wanted to try it!  I completely underestimated what exactly was involved in Foam Day and so I was poorly prepared - I even failed to bring a stroller for Cael!  I was kicking myself for that one because it made everything a lot harder, but the girls were able to play in the foam and enjoy what they could.
The foam stings when it reaches the eyes, and the girls really didn't like that.  So, our fun was short lived, but we managed to get a little in there.
I did get some great pictures, so here they are!