Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was a lot of fun this year.  Our pantry is now fully stocked with candy for at least the next year!  Halloween night was unusually warm, which made it absolute perfect trick-or-treating weather!  We didn't even need our jackets!  Our bags were literally overflowing with treats by the time we finished.
For Halloween this year we came up with a "Frozen" plan - and of course, we were not the only ones with similar strategies.  We knew there would be a million Elsa and Anna costumes, but Hannah loves Frozen so much, we really couldn't go any other direction.  Adell isn't as Frozen obsessed, but she loved the idea of being Elsa, since she's already Hannah's big sister.
After some discussion, we settled on Mia being Rapunzel.  We've heard some rumors that Rapunzel might actually be Elsa and Anna's cousin, so we ran with that.  Rapunzel, the cousin!  Cael would be the perfect Olaf!  So, we had a Frozen family!
Despite my attempts to keep Cael's costume super simple, he simply wouldn't cooperate.  I managed to dress him in the onesie my mom sewed into an "Olaf" body, but the hood and boots I had planned simply did not happen.  Oh well, he looked super cute anyway.
I got to help with Adell's class party at school.  We had to take pictures of her costume decked out class. So cute!!!
We sure love Halloween around here!

Cael's First Birthday!!!

This is so late, but I just had to post Cael's birthday!  This little man turned a year old on October 17!  Wow!  How time flies!!!
I don't have adequate words to describe what this little guy means to me.  He has brought so much joy to our family since he joined us one year ago.  He is so naturally bright and sunny!  I feel sad that he's growing up so fast, but watching him grow is also amazing and wonderful.
I thank the Lord every single day for letting me have this little guy.
We love you, Cael!  Happy Birthday!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Beautiful Autumn Day

October has been extremely gracious with these gorgeous Fall days.  I can't remember the last time we had such a mild October.  It seems that every day is filled with Autumn beauty, and begging to be enjoyed!  Today was no exception.  It was just so lovely and pleasant outside, we couldn't possibly waste it staying inside, so we spent most of the day enjoying the sunshine in the backyard.  We also got to spend it with one of our favorite cousins, Fiona.
Adell and Fiona are the same age - only two weeks apart, actually.  They've been best friends since birth.  We love, love, love when Fiona comes to visit!  It seems we never get enough "cousin time!"
I just picked up the camera and caught a few pictures of the girls (and Cael) enjoying the backyard.
By the way, we've discovered Cael's obsession with balls.  He LOVES them!  He finds them everywhere we go!  He loves to throw them, bounce them, eat them, roll on them, and just hold them.  Perhaps that indicates a future baseball/basketball/football star athlete?