Friday, July 25, 2014

Foam Day!!!

Despite some chaos and my own lack of preparation, we did have some fun at Lehi City Foam Day. This is the first year we've made it to Foam Day - we've always wanted to try it!  I completely underestimated what exactly was involved in Foam Day and so I was poorly prepared - I even failed to bring a stroller for Cael!  I was kicking myself for that one because it made everything a lot harder, but the girls were able to play in the foam and enjoy what they could.
The foam stings when it reaches the eyes, and the girls really didn't like that.  So, our fun was short lived, but we managed to get a little in there.
I did get some great pictures, so here they are!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our brief little get-away to Midway

Because Wade is spending the week with the Scouts in Flaming Gorge, my sweet mom offered to let me come a stay for a few days in their Midway condo.  The original plan was to stay for three days and two nights, but circumstances cut our trip short.  We only were able to make it through one night.  Poor Cael was having a rough time. 
I'm not sure exactly what was going on with him, but he was clearly unhappy about something.  Perhaps it's the fact that his little teeth seem to suddenly be coming in all at once, or maybe he just was longing for his beloved crib at home, but whatever the reason - my usually calm and collected baby kept me up all night and was Mr. Fussy the entire time!  Once we gave up on the trip and made it home, he was perfectly fine - back to his calm self.  Maybe he's just a homebody.
Despite cutting the trip a little short, we did manage to squeeze in a bit of fun.  We went on a little hike, but it was pretty hot and I was having trouble carrying Cael in the baby carrier, so we kinda ended up cutting that short too, oh well!  The kids found a special treasure - which turned out to be Beanie Boos!  They were completely delighted!
 Cute Mia!
 My pretty Hannah - love that smile!
 Beautiful Adell - trying out Grandma's binoculars.
 We splurged a bit and decided to try out the Heber Creeper to give the kids an authentic experience.  They were pretty excited to ride on a real train.  For about the first ten minutes or so on the train, they were all smiles and excitement.  After that, the train was pretty hot and boring.  I have to give the girls credit, they really did try to be good sports about the whole thing.  The train ride is pretty long.  The entire ordeal lasts three hours.  My mom and I discussed about a hundred ways they could easily improve the Heber Creeper experience.  Oh well, when we are in charge of the world...
 Getting ready to board the train!
 All aboard, Grandma!
 I love this picture of me with all my cute kids.  Love, love, love them!
 Hannah shows her Beanie Boo "Wishful" the view from the train window.
 Adell - ready for a train ride!
 Mia - can't believe she's on a real train!
 Cael thought the train was also pretty hot and boring.  He did fairly well considering.  His favorite part was laying with his head in Grandma's lap wiping cookies all over her.  He loved that!
 Mia, enjoying the ride.
 Cael and Grandma: "Mom, I'm hot!"
 Hannah is looking for animals.
Adell taking care of her Beanie Boos, "Rocko" and "Waddles."
Maybe everything didn't exactly go according to plan, but that's ok.  The kids actually had a great time and we all talked and talked about our favorite parts of our little get-away.  Cael was VERY happy to see his crib.  We will have work on his endurance as he gets older...for now, I'm happy to let him sleep.
Special thanks to my mom for being so willing to have a little adventure with me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Princess Mia!!!

This morning we had a little princess that woke up another year older and so excited that we thought she might burst!  Our little sunshine girl is officially three years old!  I honestly cannot tell you how it is that it's really been three whole years since this little lady joined our family.  I look at her and it's almost like she just sort of popped into existence - this spirited little lady of mine -was she ever even a baby?
From two weeks old, Mia started smiling, and she hasn't stopped smiling since.  She remains the most naturally happy little person I have ever come across.  She is ALWAYS smiling, bubbly, laughing, and positive.  She's a joy to be around - her naturally happy nature is infectious and it's hard not to feel happy around her.  I pray that she keeps that happy personality.  She's also a genuine sweetheart - always the first to offer hugs and kisses to someone who might need it.  I don't have adequate words to express my love for this little lady!  Love, love, love her!
We decided to throw her a little princess party for her birthday.  I was impressed by Hannah and Adell who were so determined to make Mia's birthday and extra special day for her.  Nothing makes me happier than to see my children showing love for one another.  I was hesitant to do a party - three is still pretty young, but Hannah and Adell simply insisted, and of course, I love a good party!  I settled on keeping things pretty simple and just inviting cousins and a few little friends from the neighborhood.
We started the party with coloring pictures from "Frozen."  I couldn't believe how seriously those little girls took on the task.  They all colored their little hearts out.
Since it was a princess party, of course, the guests came dressed as princesses. Devyn came with a dress made by her amazing mother - it's Elsa's Ice Queen dress - totally awesome!
 Lynlee was one who took her coloring task very seriously.  I tried hard to get a good picture of her "concentration" face. So cute!
 Lynlee's older sister, Ellie, was trying to show me her "pretty princess" face. Definitely pretty!
 My cute niece, Emma, coloring like a pro.
 Adell decided to change and just wear normal clothes, because the dress was itchy, and she decided it made her feel like a baby. After all, she's basically a grown up now.
 Hannah wore her "Anna" dress.
 Emma's little sister, Erica, also my niece, wore her favorite color, pink!
 After coloring, we played a game "Don't Scare the Baby Animal." (Which is basically "Don't Eat Pete" with a more princess-type theme)  Lynlee was one of the best players - she even had a strategy.
 Next up was wand making!
 I don't think we can have a party in this family without including a piƱata.  It took a few mighty whacks, but eventually we got the candy!
 Time for cupcakes and presents!
 Mia LOVED her gifts and took time to carefully open each one and savor each item.
 After the party, Mia crashed and took a long nap.  She may have been suffering from a little too much birthday.  When she woke up, she was delighted to find her presents still waiting for her.  She kept thanking me for her birthday party and for her gifts.  It was sweet.  She clearly had a great day! 
We love you, Princess Mia!  Happy Birthday!!!
Oh! And I have to give a little shout out to my wonderful niece, Samantha, who willingly came to help me out with the party.  Seriously, I couldn't not have done it without the help of my wonderful mom and this awesome young lady.  Thank you, Samantha!