Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yearly Interviews 2013

I'm finding less and less time these days to blog.  This is a little late, but at least I'm finally getting it done!  The wait is over - here's the yearly interviews for 2013:

Name: Adell Marie Gardiner
Birthday: September 3, 2005
Present age: 7 years old
Birthstone: Sapphire

Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite beverage: It's a tough call between rootbeer and cream soda (LOVES rootbeer floats)
Favorite treat: Sticky mango that Dad makes (it's a Thai dessert)
Favorite animal: Cheetah or lizard
Best friend: Sam or Connor
Future occupation: Zoo keeper (wants to work with animals)
Greatest fear: Needles
Favorite movie: Lorax or Dispicable Me
Favorite television show: SpongeBob Squarepants
Favorite game: Angry Birds or Hedbanz
Loves: Her family
Favorite things: Her Christmas presents, Trixie (a little doll she carries around), SpongeBob, her friends
Favorite school subject: PE and art (also likes her Arabic class)
Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing with friends
Dislikes: Being let down, getting in trouble
Greatest challenge: Math (but she's doing just fine)
Talents: Gymnastics, piano, art
Words that describe Adell: Playful, energetic, smart, clever, funny, fun, strong, independent, athletic

Name: Hannah Claire Gardiner
Birthday: September 17, 2008
Present age: 4 years old
Birthstone: Sapphire

Favorite color: She says purple, but we all know it's really pink
Favorite food: Mashed potatoes
Favorite beverage: Sprite or rootbeer
Favorite treat: Cheesecake
Favorite animal: Elephant
Best friend: Kambria or Lucy
Future occupation: Artist
Greatest fear: Spiders
Favorite movie: Princess and the Popstar (the Barbie one)
Favorite television show: Team Umizoomi
Favorite game: Hide and seek (especially if Adell plays it with her)
Loves: Mom! (and Adell and Mia and Dad...sometimes...)
Favorite things: Barbies, Squinkies, Teensies (LPS), pajamas, pretty dresses, Grandpa's Ipad
Hobbies: Dance, singing
Dislikes: Sharing, stupid things
Greatest challenge: Getting along with others (especially sisters)
Talents: Dance, singing
Favorite toys: Her Vtech tablet, Squinkies and LPS
Words that describe Hannah: Sweet, loving, cuddly, playful, whiney (she can really pout and be a pill - but we love her anyway), silly, pretty, girly

Name: Mia Lynn Gardiner
Birthday: June 3, 2011
Present age: 19 months
Birthstone: Pearl

Favorite color: Probably pink
Favorite food: Cottage cheese, yogurt, pears, bananas (really, she'll eat just about anything)
Favorite beverage: Milk
Favorite treat: Fruitsnacks or ice cream (probably just about anything is her favorite treat)
Favorite animal: Dog (she loves to "bark" when she sees or hears one)
Best friend: Mom or her sisters
Future occupation: Entertainer
Greatest fear: Being left out
Favorite movie: Princess and the Popstar (she likes to dance to the songs)
Favorite television show: Dora the Explorer (loves to sing the "Backpack" jingle)
Favorite game: Whatever Adell and Hannah are playing
Loves: Playing with Dad
Favorite things: Pink and white blanket, pink sippy cup, baby doll stroller (she loves to put different toys in it and push it around the house)
Hobbies: Playing, dancing, singing
Dislikes: When Mom leaves, being left out of anything
Greatest challenge: keeping up with those sisters!
Favorite toys: stroller, baby dolls, Hannah's stuff
Words that describe Mia: Happy, sunshine, funny, snuggly, sweet, loving, cute, energetic, busy!

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